Top 5 best pokies in Australia

How do you define the best slot machine games? Some may tell, it is the graphics, volatility, RTP, bonus or wager system… But we say, it’s simpler – it should be defined by the number of maximum winning a player has ever received on this or that most popular slot games. Right? If you agree with our approach, then let us introduce you to the top-5 best ever top pokie wins.

The Dark Knight Slot: AUD 10 million winning

игровой автомат темная ночь

This biggest ever victory in a video slot happened in 2016, with a player desiring to remain anonymous (yes, for pretty obvious reason). The game was developed by Microgaming Company – which is one of the most popular ones amongst Aussies. And that wasn’t the only lucky strike of one person without any surrounding fuss of winnings – another (sure, anonymous) player hit 3 years before that another huge jackpot on this exactly reel machine.

It was 3.36 million AUD. However, you shouldn’t now rush to repeat their amazing victories – as soon after the latest winning, Microgaming Company has removed the Dark Knight out of their scope of top free online slots (obviously or not, but we think, it did so to change the probability of so huge winnings). Today, it is again present in some online casinos but we’re far from assuredness it can bring you any significant winning – as until now, we haven’t heard of anything that outstanding happening with this slot.


Arabian Nights: AUD 6.9 million winning

It is unknown today when for sure the victory has happened – as the lucky player did not disclose anything Arabian Nights slot netentconcerning his (or her?) winning. It is rumored that it has happened ‘a few’ years ago, with only the geolocation being known – in Australia. Nearly 7 million Aussie dollars were paid to an anonymous gambler, which did not really advertise own luck.

Should you wanna play this slot on your own to try to evaluate your luck, you have to know that the graphic of it is very outdated – as it was designed in old 2005! There are, however, more modern versions of this slot but the chances of winning that big in updated versions are unknown. That should not stop you from trying your luck, though!

Arabian Nights: AUD 6.9 million winning

Слот King Cash-a-lotAnother slot by Microgaming Company is on the list! In September 2012, a player from Australia (undisclosed, though), has decided to try his or her luck and won whopping 1.3 million Aussie bucks. In addition to this piece of luck, it was also reported that some other company’s slots brought various players all over the world sums of more than 1 million dollars. They were all connected mostly to obtaining progressive jackpots.

Mega Mullah Slot of Royal Vegas Casino: AUD 943,971 winning

Слот мега муллаThis is another example of how playing online can bring you some nice dough. This time, a player was simply using his mobile to win the money. It happened in May 2013. Again, this slot is operated by Microgaming. Don’t you start thinking that this video slot manufacturer gives more money than any other company on the market does? It probably is so! The winning happened in New Zealand.

What is more exciting about Mega Mullah is that there is one gambler in Germany, who plays this slot all the time. Not for nothing, though, as his game has brought him 7 wins in bigger amounts than just mentioned here for this NZ’s player! Other reports from all over the world that we know about also make it sure to say that Mega Mullah, even though it has a low RTP rate (about 86%) delivers thousands of huge wins across the globe.

Megabucks: AUD 350,000 winning

Слот Megabucks Лас-Вегас

This time, the reason for a victory was also a progressive jackpot, which totaled 0.35 million AUD. As reported, this player did not play much before going to play this one. The progressive jackpot in this game started to wait for a winner after 250,000 AUD, so it was some time before the arrival of a man. Within just a few hours of gambling, the luck stood on the side of a dude, bringing him 0.35 million AUD. Not bad, not bad.