Games with a live dealer: innovation or death

Games with a live dealerA different era has begun in the world of gambling with the appearance of real dealers in games. In european roulette and other games. How did this function become an innovation and why more and more businessmen are turning to it?

The history of casinos with live dealers: what progress has been made

With the advent of live casinos, there has been a revolution in the field of casino games … The main modification took place after distrustful people realized that games do not require certain skills, knowledge, skills and huge capital for a start-up deposit.

The primary goal of live games has become the ability to give a person an experience similar to visiting a regular casino. The main feature turned out to be that a person had the opportunity to carry out the game process without leaving his own home, with all the comfort that he has. Over time, progress has reached a stage where it has become possible to use high quality images. Thus, I began to feel personalized and autonomous from other people.

However, people could use live kizino 10 years ago. A distinctive feature is that at that time there was only one camera and one dealer who was spinning the roulette wheel. Currently, the process is carried out by 21 cameras with rotations in slow motion. You can find a lot of live game streaming videos on YouTube. For example Р 

Despite this, there have been more changes – the green screen has been abandoned. It had a negative impact and reduced the number of potential and already attracted audience. In modern times, people prefer telephone versions, so live games have changed fundamentally and bear little resemblance to live casinos that existed 10 years ago.

The complexities of managing a casino with live dealers

The difficulty in managing such a casino is to ensure that the presenter is fully involved in the ongoing process, and that he performs his work at a high level.

This can be easily achieved if the camera is constantly focused on the presenter, who will be provided with due way of working conditions. Therefore, it is very important to select the appropriate personnel for organizing games: managers and dealers, for whom communication skills become one of the most important criteria.

For the implementation of such a project, innovation becomes the central link. Providers (IGT – and others) need to protect games from fraudulent activities and any possible risks.

There is also an imaginary opinion that the game in a live casino consists only in tossing a ball and broadcasting it online.

To create a unique project, it will be necessary to form new trade offers. Therefore, the main factor in such games will be innovation. Therefore, it is important to use the best technical achievements.

Profit of live casinos

Operators are accrued an individual percentage of profit according to the following criteria: market maturity, focus and company resources. The percentage of profit varies from 5 to 25. But it is worth noting that the gaining popularity of live casinos contributes to the growth of the indicator.

The last frontier of innovation

The leaders of the region invest in progress, thereby trying not to stop innovation. The list of merits is worth noting 3D, sports widgets and live rewards. But the peculiarity of cooperation with innovation is regular production, offering the latest solutions, improving the quality of games. The resulting profitability is influenced by the quality of the technology used during the development phase of the project. Given the steady increase in competition, the only surefire solution is the drive to innovate.